EDWCA – Tracy Corroll


Category: Outstanding Contribution Award – Individual

Name of Nominees: Tracy Corroll

Company Name: EDWCA

1stNomination by: Maggi Langton

Company Name: Aquaid (Kenent & North Wilts).


Tracy seems to work tirelessly for all of the Aquaid Franchises. She is very approachable and extremely helpful. She is always available to answer any questions or help in any way that she can.
Our staff have been on courses that Tracy has tutored and each and every one of us has left the course feeling energised and full of knowledge. Her courses have always been enjoyable, she makes them fun and interesting. Tracy seems to go above and beyond in her position as EDWCA Secretariat.
Tracy is always inviting us along to events that she has organised and introducing us to courses that may be helpful to our industry. I really don’t know where Tracey gets all of her energy and finds the time to do so much.
Tracy always seems to find the time for everyone and always has a smile on her face. She never seems flustered or stressed and we can always rely on her to answer any awkward questions that we may have. She has even offered to speak to our customers for us if the need occurred.
We feel that Tracy most definitely deserves this award as recognition of all the Hard work that she puts in to everything that she does.


2ndNomination by: Michael O’Donoghue

Company Name: Aquaid Franchsing Ltd


Tracy has raised the standard of audits across our business and has helped the managers improve the standard of their businesses across our depots.
Tracy has worked with the managers and supported them in improving the standard by working with them to advise them where improvements can be made and offer experience and support. Tracy has encouraged the managers when auditing them to excel rather than just pass.