Distance Selection, Coffetek

The Harvard Business Review reported in 2020 that the global pandemic has led to a significant increase in product innovation.

Coffetek have launched seven new major product developments during 2020, leading with Distance Selection, a new patented user interface which means the consumer does not have to touch any surface to select. Simply hover your finger over any selection at a distance of up to 2cm and the selection will be made.

This new technology has no barriers to use, it does not need any additional devices or phone applications which makes it simple to use and maximises engagement with consumers.

Special algorithms ensure that ghost selections are not made during the selection process.

Whilst automated systems already provide hygienic solutions, Distance Selection gives the consumer complete confidence in using machines with a total hygienic journey.

The technology has been further extended with the launch of the Zensia coffee system which links to a satellite merchandiser for food, snack and cold drink items. The selections are made using Distance Selection technology for coffee and food products, payment can be made using contactless cards and a simple foot pedal is then deployed on the merchandiser providing a complete ‘touch free’ solution.

Distance Selection is available on all Coffetek products and kits have also been made available to retrofit existing machines in the field.

Coffetek are part of the Azkoyen Group.