Customer Service Award 2017 – Operator

Karen Bruce, Uveco UK

Karen is one of our longest serving Customer relations manager with over 20 years working for the company. She is customer facing day in day out and never loses her smile. She is more than happy to go into the customer to deal with any issues. Any customer that has dealt with Karen finds her to be very professional and helpful and nothing is ever to much for her. Karen is able to help our customers with any type of vending issues and has a great amount of knowledge.

Stephanie Jones, Express Vending

This year, Express Vending have nominated Steph Jones; a Corporate Account Manager for Vendies 2017 Customer Service Award. Steph has served at Express Vending for 7 years and over this time has become a superb ambassador to both our business and the industry that we all operate in. Steph’s achievements internally have been recognised over the years as a major contributor to the success of the business but now it’s time that her work is recognised outside of Express Vending. Steph recognises that Customer Service reaches far beyond delivering on the promise of the service we offer; she is accountable, reliable and highly invested in the companies she works with. This has allowed Steph to develop strong partnerships with our clients who in turn have renewed with us again and again.

The support Steph gives to her clients is not limited to her job. Steph takes a personal interest in the wellbeing of the staff at her client sites and is highly supportive of any CSR programs or charity projects that each business has. This has seen Steph go beyond the call of duty and commit her personal time to outside / weekend events, such as the Wipro Charity fun Run and family Charity days. Over the past 12 months Steph has raised a significant amount of money, donated her personal time and been part of some excellent business events. Her clients know that they can rely on her when they need extra help. Examples of these events can be found attached.

Other than caring about her clients outside of work, Steph takes a very interpersonal approach internally too, and she commits most of her time to making sure the products are services her clients receive are to the very highest standard. She reaches out to the consumer as well as the buyer by doing product launch days, product taste tests and more importantly linking businesses up with Fairtrade and sustainably sourced products that support our customers drive to be more supportive of the planet we live on. One of the case studies attached (Café Praego)is an excellent example where Steph’s work has had far reaching results both for her customer (QMSU) and beyond to the coffee plantation in Rwanda, where we source our coffee. This project that Steph championed has been recognised as one of the most successful coffee campaigns Express Vending have ever had and her work has been noted both by her client and the charity in Rwanda. Again, please find the case study attached. Steph manages approximately 40 of our highest profile clients, which she visits at least each quarter to ensure performance and quality of service is maintained. They are managed and reported on using MI data and Steph is accountable for everything that happens on site from the moment the machines are turned on to the moment the office lights turn off at the end of the day. This is how Steph views her responsibility and is also the reason why she is in receipt of so many referrals and recommendations.

Attached you will find some excellent testimonials and some fantastic words of praise for the work Steph as done. This accolade is one that suits Steph in every way, her clients see her as the ‘go to person’ which in our view is just the start. Steph is indeed the ’go to person’ but also the person who over delivers on her promise and achieves superb results always with her clients interests in mind. Her peer’s unanimously nominated Steph for this award; there is nobody more deserving, which is what her clients have been saying for many years.

Express Vending recognise that the national award for Customer Service is an award based upon merit, we are confident that the supporting documents, the words of recommendation, the evidence of Steph’s work both with our clients and in the community should put her in contention to win this prestigious award. Toby Venus CRM Head of Department Express Vending.

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