Cummins Allison Ltd – JetSort® 4200 Coin sorter and counter


Category: Best Ancillary Product or Service

Name of Product or Service: JetSort® 4200 Coin sorter and counter

Company Name: Cummins Allison Ltd

Company: Cummins Allison Ltd



One of the most time-consuming and inefficient aspects of a vending business can be the handling of large quantities of coin. The JetSort 4200 commercial coin sorter and counter processes coins at speeds up to 3,000 coins per minute with 99.995% accuracy. It can count all sterling coins including the new £1 coin. The large capacity lift tray accommodates large volumes of coin, making coin pouring easy. Counting and sorting can include up to eight coins, including custom coins and tokens in six large capacity bags ready for banking or safe storage.

The JetSort 4200 has a modest footprint which means it can be accommodated in small back offices and the easy-to-read, intuitive touch-screen display ensures ease of navigation and training time is minimal. The touch-screen display also ensures fast and efficient sorting control.

Crucially for vending operators, the JetSort 4200 is configured to allow entry of a driver or route number and a bag number, relating to each of your individual machines, to provide the running total of each batch or route, and tally up a day total.

The machine also offers many optional features that can be configured to meet a business’ specific requirements and enhance the speed, accuracy and security of coin sorting and counting such as:

• Exact bag stops ensures accurate bag and box counts every time.
• Data entry for currency totals as well as bag stop capabilities and print totals.
• Bar code scanners available for automatic label entry.
• Optional remote display shows coin totals for customer or supervisor viewing.
• Locking security doors improve working areas and coin security.

Backed by cutting-edge technology, our coin counting and sorting machines have a proven track record of dependability, durability and longevity. The JetSort 4200 is designed with only one moving part meaning fewer jams and lower maintenance costs.