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July 2018 saw us unveil our brand new website to current and prospective customers. Our team have worked extremely hard to bring a site that prioritises the user experience and the end result features a fresh design and updated content. Coinadrink understands the importance of workplace refreshments and we feel that the new website helps convey the benefits they can bring to businesses much better than it ever did on the old site. We have already received some very positive feedback.

We took the time to review our old website and we quickly saw room for improvement. The new site is based on the power and flexibility of WordPress which allows us to create and edit pages quickly and efficiently. Because of this, we were able to complete and unveil our new website extremely quickly: it took just two months from start to finish.

Every aspect of the new website was thoroughly considered for the purpose of the user. That included the colour scheme. We conducted extensive research to find that a plain white background colour is often the default for a reason: readability. We quickly realised that it would be impossible to convey how simple it is for customers to enjoy the benefits of vending if the website was too complex. The white background delivers a clean experience for the user.

Every aspect of our website provides an enhanced user experience. With the introduction of drop down menus we have ensured that the user can get to where they want to go quicker, whilst the addition of a search tool in the top right hand corner provides everything you’d expect and more. If the user searches for a certain machine they will also be able to view the page where the machine is best suited to. This is thanks to every page being indexed, so a search for the Klix hot drinks machine will also bring up the ‘manufacturing solutions’ page for example. This immediately provides the user with more information at once.

We are a knowledgeable and experienced vending company with over 56 years’ experience and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit individual requirements. The new content allows the user to identify either the service or equipment they are after if they prefer not to make contact with us in the first instance. The solutions pages at the bottom of the website highlight the in-depth knowledge we have on each industry and suggests the equipment we know will be best suited. This immediately makes the vending process as simple as possible for the user.

It was our knowledge and experience that led us to our Micro Market in 2013. We have also refreshed our content here. Alongside new images, we have managed to convey the revolution of the Micro Market and the benefits that it brings to businesses around the region. The foundation of Micro Market is based around the wellbeing of employees and the updated content informs the reader without being too oppressive. There is also now a further page that is specific to the benefits of the Micro Market. Our old website didn’t include this.

Ultimately, as is the purpose of any website, our end goal is to ultimately receive a greater number of enquiries. Our team worked hard to make our website as SEO friendly as possible so prospective customers are more likely to find us. We also made it easier for the user to contact us from the website. We deliberately placed our contact number on the right side so that anyone using a mobile can give us a call with one click. In addition, we made sure that our contact form followed a similar design to the rest of the page with a bold design that’s coherent and straightforward. The user isn’t required to scroll to reach the form. We have also made sure that there is a ‘get in touch’ button on all of the relevant pages, which again limits the time it takes for the user to make an enquiry.

Whilst the website has only recently been unveiled, we are delighted to say that it is exceeding our expectations in both visits and enquiries. Of course, there are many factors to consider when analysing the amount of website enquiries we receive. We are happy with how we are currently performing and we are confident of further enquiries in the future.

We have updated other parts of the website to emphasise other aspects of our business. We are more than just a vending company and we take our responsibilities towards charity work and our environment very seriously. The ‘good causes’ page highlights our commitment to all three charities that we support and we have developed additional pages that go into further detail on them all. This is something that the old website didn’t feature and it allows the user to learn more about the each charity and our efforts to help raise money. Meanwhile, our ‘commitments’ section explains our CSR plan to which we go the extra mile for our staff, our environment and the products that we select for our machines.

In addition to our website, we also have an additional site for Refreshment Shop. Refreshment Shop is our online store that is ideal for businesses that wish to operate their own workplace refreshments. The customer experience is further enhanced through the website with clear product categories and enticing images. We supply a wide range of items from tabletop hot drinks machines to cleaning equipment and we see a lot of custom from this side of the business. Refreshment Shop is responsible for 10% of our total turnover.

At Coinadrink we are passionate about making our services work for businesses. The team are currently looking into adding a section on the site that will act as a ‘customer hub’ whereby current customers will be able to log into their own account. This will make their experience more personal and allow them to keep track of important information regarding their account.