Coffetek Azkoyen – Novara Protein Shake Solution


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Product: Novara Protein Shake Solution.

Company Name: Coffetek Azkoyen

Applicant Name: Ian Johnston

Applicant Company: Coffetek Limited



Novara Protein Shake Solution

The global market for sports related protein products is worth an estimated £8bn. The UK market for these products has grown a staggering 79% in the past 10 years with a 2017 market value of £360M.
27% of UK consumers have used protein products, rising to 39% of those who exercise weekly.

The biggest product sector is protein shakes with a staggering 60% of the sports related protein product market.

Welcome to the Novara Protein Shake solution….

Based on proven technology the Novara protein shake solution provides a freshly prepared range of pre and post workout protein shakes.
Most consumers currently prepare their own shake or have someone prepare it for them at their leisure club or gym, it is seen as a functional beverage and is often served in a shaker at ambient temperature, the consumer then agitates the product to break down the product using their ‘shaker’ cup. This is inconvenient and leads to an inferior consumer experience.

With the Novara protein solution, the consumer simply chooses their product through a smoked glass touch screen interface and a freshly prepared CHILLED protein shake is delivered within seconds. Not only delivering a consistent functional drink but also an enjoyable moment.

The Novara protein shake solution offers six different shake products served at 3 Degrees Celsius in a cup which is automatically dispensed by the machine. The machine also has the following features;

• Coin and or card payment
• Smoked glass stunning aesthetics
• Automatic cup system with cup sensor
• Advanced hot flush hygiene system
• Robust design
• Optional media screen system
• Fully flexible recipes
• Full audit system, DEX and USB interfaces

The Novara protein shake solution provides many benefits, below are just a few examples;
Benefits for the consumer;

• Convenient
• Freshly prepared
• Consistent quality
• Enjoyable

Benefits for the location;

• Control (no mess and control of product)
• Added value for members customers
• Revenue

In summary, a great solution for the consumer and location operator, providing a convenient and enjoyable experience.