Abbeychart Chiller Refurbishment

Abbeychart’s Chiller Refurbishment:

Your old chiller unit like new in just two weeks

We offer a chiller unit refurb service for vending operators looking to protect revenue streams and the lifespan of a key asset by maintaining essential equipment in prime condition.

What is the refurbishment process?

There are 7 main steps for the whole process,

– Full inspection, where the unit is assessed

– We inform you what work is needed & a formal quote raised

– Upon approval, the work is carried out

– Fan motors changed on all refurbishments as standard

– Re-Gas

– Fully tested to OEM standards

– Item shipped back to yourself after a clean with a 12-month warranty


How long does the process take?

We target to get the unit returned to yourselves within 2 weeks

How do I get the chiller unit to Abbeychart?

To allow us to assess the unit, it would be you, as the clients, responsibility to get the item to ourselves. Once work is completed we will send the unit back to yourself free of charge carriage

What Components are changed?

We will change all components which are damaged or defective, with new like for like replacements, along with any soldering work needed. We also change the fan motor on every refurbishment job we offer, then include a 12 month warranty on the work and parts