Cheeky Choc HazelNOT Gnawbles, Creative Nature

A revolutionary new product that allows allergy sufferers of all the Top 14 Allergens taste the incredible sensation of Hazelnuts and Chocolate, without the fear of any allergic reaction. Winner of the Quality Food Awards ‘Free From Sweet Snacks’ category, these treats benefit from the following USP’s:

Completely free from all the 14 most common allergens in the UK

No ‘May Contain’ warnings at all on pack, due to the quality production methods to ensure no cross contamination

39% Lower Sugar than the market leading alternatives

Certified with the Vegan Society

Palm Oil Free

Fully recyclable packaging

HazelNOT is a trademark of Creative Nature

All these USP’s, plus recent launches in Healthy Nibbles, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Hancocks, The Vegan Kind and overseas, recent recognition from the Quality Food Awards and celebrity fans on Instagram show HazelNOT Gnawbles are the must-have healthy, allergy-safe snack.

Founder, Julianne Ponan, Forbes 30 under 30 alum and winner of Everywoman, Stevies, FSB and The Grocer Awards, is now an ambassador for The Anaphylaxis Campaign and Teal App, heavily promoting the importance of allergy-safe snacks, especially in compact environments where lots of vending machines are located, like music venues, airports and train stations.