Burts Chips – Burts Crispy Smoked Bacon Crisps


Category: Best Snack/Confectionary Product

Name of Beverage Brand: Burts Crispy Smoked Bacon Crisps

Company Name: Burts Chips

Applicant Name: Jamie Dootson

Company: Storm Communications


Burts Chips is a brand that listens to its consumers, and with strong demand for the return of its bacon flavour the premium snack brand went above and beyond to create a great tasting snack like no other. As the UK consumers’ needs had evolved, we recognised the re-launch had to stand out from the crowd and be true to the Burts ethos: quality, hand-cooked crisps that taste better than the rest.

Fantastic flavour is at the heart of the Burts Chips brand, so when it came to creating Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps, we knew that using the very best bacon would be paramount.

Of course, in keeping with the Burts Chips ethos, we also wanted that bacon to come from a producer in the South West of England, close to our own home. That’s why we chose spoiltpig, a bacon producer in the heart of Devon renowned for its superior taste and flavour. The exciting new recipe is made using only the highest quality ingredients including responsibility sourced real bacon bringing authenticity to life with every bite.

Moreish and delicious, Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps are not only a great snack to enjoy by all, but are gluten free and contain no hydrogenated fat, artificial MSG colours and flavours. However, that’s not the only thing that makes Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps stand out from the crowd. They were also our very first new product to be created following Burts Chips being awarded Red Tractor accreditation – the UK’s largest food assurance scheme.

With 67% of UK shoppers recognising the importance of the Red Tractor accreditation, this stamp of approval on pack heightened awareness of the origin and quality of our product. As one of the first brands to tap into the trend for authentic ingredients with strong traceability credentials, we only source the best British potatoes which are then sliced and hand cooked in small batches and seasoned with the finest locally-sourced flavours to produce crunchy and delicious crisps. In an increasingly globalised market, this focus on traceability and regional provenance was well received by discerning consumers.

Moreover, with bacon featured in 87 million more breakfasts in the UK over the last year, Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps tapped into a British favourite and met demand for a premium, artisan snack that could be enjoyed on the go anytime, anywhere. With eye-catching, vibrant purple packaging the product also ensured strong stand out within vending machines and its unique smoky, crisp flavour offered a real point of difference from other standard bacon snacks on the market.

With the name of the fryer on the back of pack, the fun light-hearted Burts personality also shone through and reinforced the brand’s hand-cooked credentials.

We believe that this close attention to detail is what makes Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon crisps so unique. Bacon remains one of the top sellers in vending and Burts Smoked Crispy Bacon is now one our top five vending flavours – earning the innovation its place as a core product within our portfolio and a welcome addition to vending machines across the country. With consumer loyalty going from strength to strength, the launch has already been embraced by all ages and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.