Barry Callebaut Beverages – Le Royal Choco Green


Category: Best Beverage Brand

Name of Beverage Brand: Le Royal Choco Green

Company Name: Barry Callebaut Beverages

Company: Barry Callebaut Beverages


Barry Callebaut Beverages UK’s Le Royal Kreemy choc drink, Le Royal Choco Green has enjoyed a continued growth in sales for some time. The best performing product in its class, its mild, yet tasty, flavour has crowned it as an every-day, easy-drinking favourite, making it the hot chocolate of choice for those vending operators, café owners and facilities managers who rely on multiple product purchases.

One of the sustainable hot beverages manufacturer’s most popular brands, with high levels of repeat purchase, its popularity was recently proven by customer, Broderick’s. Le Royal Choco Green is the preferred hot chocolate across all of the national vending supplier and operator’s sites, from factories and offices to higher education facilities and leisure clubs and centres.

Broderick’s recently carried out a survey at Manchester Metropolitan University, one of its busiest sites, and discovered that the drink (also known as ‘Kreemy Choc’) was the number one choice for each one of the 400 students who were surveyed, with all agreeing that they would definiely make a repeat purchase.

This particular drink wins every time because it is is a functional, highly accessible, palatable and very pleasing beverage; perfect for every day luxury. It also provides a reliable, milder alternative to the provenance chocolates that currently grace the market, which is possibly why it is more likely to generate an immediate second purchase: It’s not an over-rich drink and so the consumer is far more likely to drink more of it and buy another cup.

Director of Broderick’s, John Broderick explains why the leading operator would not consider any other brand: “It comes down to quality. Le Royal Choco Green is the best quality chocolate drink available for vending on the market. With a 9.5% cocoa content, it beats all of its competitors’ products hands down. Although it’s a high end product, and therefore more costly, the healthy ratio of sales makes it the best choice all round.

“Students have said that once you try this chocolate, you become a regular purchaser and it has undoubtedly drawn a following across the campuses that we supply to. Every single student, when faced with the blind taste challenge, cited Le Royal Choco Green as their favourite – and you can’t quibble with results like that!”