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Name of Product or Service: Audit4 Compliance App

Company Name: Audit4 Compliance Ltd

Company: Audit4 Compliance Ltd

After a hugely successful Vendex Midlands audit4 vending is going from strength to strength and has a rapidly increasing client base which includes Montague Group, Express Vending, Abercromby Vending, Baxter & Storey, NVCS, ARV, F&T, More Beans, Connect Vending, Refresh Vending, Graddons and Upton Vending
The app was designed by Allen Copley who has 28 years’ experience in the vending industry and developed by the Leeds Beckett University. The purpose of the app is to assist internal auditors to carry out effective machine and ISO 9001/14001 audits by utilizing pre-set audit templates. All templates are customisable to exact company requirements. It runs on any android or IOS device and requires no administration or database management.
But the biggest innovation of the app comes in the powerful reporting. Audit4 have done away with long-winded audit reports that say a lot and solve little. The reports from the app are precise, statistics based and give senior management a clear picture of company performance. The reports present a perfect opportunity to set improvement objectives based on data analysis which is now a clear requirement of the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard
We are particularly pleased that the app is creating new jobs within the vending industry. It has already created 3 new positions with Express, Graddon and Upton vending all employing new, full-time auditors, auditing exclusively with the audit4 app.
Most importantly the app is now helping vending companies to make genuine and measurable improvements and thereby improving the service they provide to their customers. This low cost solution also assists in maintaining ISO certification and genuinely reduces audit time by at least 40%
Why should audit4 win at the vendies?
Designed specifically for the vending industry
Real innovation that is creating new jobs
Measures Performance and Drives up Standards
Clear and measurable returns on investment