Apple Vending & Catering Services Ltd – Ann-Marie Fox


Category: Best Area Manager 

Name of Area Manager: Ann-Marie Fox

Company Name: Apple Vending & Catering Service 

Applicant Name: Diane Hunter

Company: Apple Vending & Catering Services Lt 


Ann-Marie has worked for Apple since it started 11years ago. Her ability to know what needs doing and where is amazing. She looks after all routes and staff, ensuring routes and sites are covered at all times. she ensures all staff are fully trained. Annie ensures upon contract commencement, all equipment will be visited every day for the first 4 weeks. This will enable us to ascertain the optimum visits required to service each machine. Busy machines that require it will continue to be serviced once a day, or more often, if use demands this.
We will also work out the best time to visit the machines; structuring our schedule to attend sites during quieter periods for minimum disruption. For example, initially all machines will be visited early mornings.

A copy of our standard cleaning schedule sheets is attached as ‘Apple Vending – Cleaning Sheets’. Annie developed these sheets so all staff know what is expected of them and also when she site visits we know what they have completed.
Ann-marie’s work ethic is second to none she is always out on the road really early to ensure staff are supported at all times and her relationships with our clients is open and friendly so they always know they can approach her if they need anything.