Alfred Karcher SE & Co – WPD Augmented Reality App


Category: Innovation Recognition Award

Name of Nominees: WPD Augmented Reality app

Company Name: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Nominated by: Ronan Murphy

Company Name: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG


  1. Introduction about appThe app “Your WPD” from Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG is used to individually show the WPD water cooler to customers, without a physical device and supports them to choose their suitable WPD.The main parameters of the app “Your WPD”:
    Parameter Technical date
    Name YOUR WPD
    Seller Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG
    Size 502.1 MB
    Category Food & Drink
    Compatibility Requires IOS 7.1 or late. Compatible with iPad
    Languages English
    Age Rating Rated 4+
    Copyright © 2015 Alfred Kärcher SE & Co.
    Price Free

    2. The leading-edge technology: Augmented Reality

    Thanks to the Kärcher WPD app, customers can see in advance, how their water cooler will look. Using augmented reality, they can position the WPD at different points in the room, e.g. on a kitchen counter or beside a coffee machine, and decide where it fits best. Customers can individually design and configure their WPD. They can also view the functions of the WPD in detail or can get in contact with Kärcher.

    3. The novel approaches:

    1) Through AR technology, the interaction between abstract idea and visualized individual WPD can be realised. The idea of the customer is no longer just a concept in the head, but a realistic visual scene. The facility manager or planner can take a screenshot, and then send to their colleagues to ask for their opinions. Now our customers can really know what kind of WPD is suitable for them.
    2) Customers won’t only get the product information from Kärcher team. They can see their water cooler through Kärcher app. On this platform our customers are real designers: various selections for customer needs, preview of different standards and custom design for front panels of WPD, intuitive information about different functions, highly realistic presentation of practical usage scenarios based on AR technology. They can directly try their concept on the water cooler by themselves. There is no misunderstanding, no restrictions on cost, space and time.
    3) The Kärcher water coolers’ patented hygiene system leaves nothing to be desired. With this integrated thermal disinfection system, all components that conduct water are rinsed with hot water at specific intervals. Through the animated demonstration in the app, customers can better understand the innovative sanitation process. In addition a video clip about the functions of the WPD can support customers to achieve worry-free operation.

    4. Measurable success

    Thanks to our Kärcher WPD app, the sales of the WPD series increased by approx. 5% in western Europe.

    5. Customer satisfaction

    Our Customers consider the app “Your WPD” as a very useful and innovative platform for presenting the water cooler.

    Summary: (summary of why we believe our product or service should win this award)

    Through AR technology, the Kärcher “YOUR WPD” app realises the visualisation of customers’ needs based on actual products. This innovative interaction creates a new communication channel between customers, products and company. This is the first step towards personalised production in the vending industry. Kärcher believes that a variety of different services and sales methods will be derived from it in the future, to meet the more and more individual needs of customers. So “Your WPD” is an innovation that is very important to the present and the future. Winning this award is not just a recognition of Kärcher’s achievements in vending industry, it is also a strong encouragement for personalised production in the future.