Alfred Karcher SE & Co. – The WPD 50


Category: Best Machine Innovation – sponsored by Lavazza

Product: The WPD 50

Company Name: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Applicant Name: Ronan Murphy

Applicant Company: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG


The WPD 50 has an innovative glass front instead of buttons making the user interface durable, easy to clean, simple to maintain and very intuitive. It bids farewell to traditional mechanical interfaces. With this innovative development, Kärcher will bring the water cooler fraternity into the modern era by eliminating mechanical taps and buttons. For a variety of reasons, touch screens are rapidly becoming the ubiquitous interface for controlling equipment. This trend will play a role in the upcoming age of intelligent water coolers.

1. Innovative use of safety glass
This is the first use of glass on a water cooler in this way. Thanks to Kärcher’s engineers, the glass front is attractive, functional and safe. It incorporates the hygiene and beauty of the glass with the strength and stability which comes from safety glass. Therefore, it looks good and can withstand temperature changes, detergents, solvents, cleaners, and knocks.

2. New Design
Just like on a smartphone the high quality glass interface on the WPD 50 allows the user to select his/her choice using capacitive sensors. Gentle blue LED lights and accentuated “buttons” show the built-in capacitive sensors in the glass. This design bids farewell to the conservative and old-fashioned style of traditional mechanical buttons or taps on a water cooler.

3. Innovative using experience
The traditional mechanical buttons or taps are prone to mechanical aging, resulting in poor connection. Unstable operation and maintenance issues. Wheras the capacitive buttons have excellent sensitivity, stability and reliability.

4. Seamless hygienic
The bacteria, viruses and dirt, from users’ hands and fingers work their way into any gap, slot, or corner of the traditional mechanical buttons and taps. All these places are high risk points for hygiene which daily cleaning can’t properly clean. Thanks to the smooth surface of the WPD 50’s glass front, the problem of collection and growth of unwanted contamination is avoided.

5. Smooth glass, smooth clean
The smooth surface of the WPD 50’s glass front is simple to wipe off and disinfect. Cleaning is so easy that no professional service team is needed to clean the interface of the WPD 50. Thus cleaning costs can be reduced.