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Name of Website: Kärcher UK Website


Company Name: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Applicant Name: Ronan Murphy

Applicant Company: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG


  1. Website:
    1) Kärcher WPD Website in UK:
    Customers get detailed information about WPD water coolers, related products and services2) Better browsing-experience with good web-structure:
    • Multi entrances WPD-site:
    Customers can easily arrive at WPD-site through keywords in search engine, links in homepage, the top menu bar on any product site in the official Kärcher website.
    • All-in-one main site:
    With a clear web-guide customers can view important information about WPD water coolers in one site. Through the top menu bar the customers can directly learn what they want to know without jumping among tedious subpages. With top-back button they can easily return to the top site. The customers will no longer lose their way.
    • Individual subpages about product-details:
    Every product has the own introduction subpages. With one click, customers can learn about products and related accessories.
    • Double entrances to comparison website:
    Whether on the all-in-one main page or product-details page, customers can directly access the products comparison page without repeatedly browsing. Understanding product differences is no longer cumbersome.
    • Every site with contact access:
    Every Kärcher UK website customers can easily find the contact-access. No matter which site customer browses, they can get contact with Kärcher service team through the “contact” function of the browsed site.3) Content:
    • Products as the core on the website: On the Kärcher UK website the customers can easily find technical data and innovative functions from WPD series to every WPD water cooler. We provide comprehensive information for every point that the customers want to know. Kärcher believes that the open attitude give our customers the best understanding and trust. Only details can show what safety of WPD is, what the innovation of technology is, what our understanding about real demand of customers is.
    • Every website element for customers: WPD works for the health and comfort of drinking water for customers. On the WPD website the operators and users can find the knowledge about safe drinking water. Through “area of use” customers can understand the benefit of top quality water from Kärcher WPD water cooler in different using-areas.
    • Responsibility as core promise of Kärcher: On the Kärcher WPD website customers will get more information about the positive significance of WPD water cooler for the environment. Data of the PCF (product carbon footprint) from the University of Darmstadt explain how the WPD is the environmental-friendly water cooler.
    • In addition to information, customer get real benefits from Kärcher:
    The application “Drink reminder” is provided to the users on the website. It can remind the users to drink water every day. Download-links of different visions (for PC, MAC, mobile) can be found easily in the all-in-one main site. Users can get into healthy hydration habits.
    Operator and customers can send all their Kärcher water cooler service and support enquiries to Kärcher service team through the Kärcher UK website. The Kärcher experts provide free consultations nationwide so operators and customers can find the perfect solution for their challenge.