Alfred Karcher SE & Co – AFG 100 Air Purifier


Category: Best New Product

Name of Product: AFG 100 air purifier

Company Name: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Applicant Name: Ronan Murphy

Company: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG


  1. New filtration technology
    1) The AFG 100 cleans the air in any room with plasma and an additional three-stage filtration system which removes particulate matter, TVOCs, pollen, house dust allergens which cause asthma attacks. (The AFG 100 has a volume flow rate of 130m³/h and can clean a room of 60m² within an hour) :
    Technical parameters:
    Volume flow rate 130m3/h
    Max. clean room Up to 60m2
    Noise level 25 – 53 dB(A)
    Rated power 60W
    Removal efficiency
    Particles 99.98%
    Fine dust 99.7%
    Bacteria 99.98%
    Mould spores 98.9%2) The AFG 100 stands out because of its premium plasma generator that kills 99.98% of germs. Almost no bacteria, virus, or harmful substance can overcome the AFG 100 plasma generator.
    3) The plasma filter consists of a web of fine wires that create a state of plasma within the unit, through which the air flows. While passing through the plasma filter, the plasma splits the molecules open and decomposes them into the safe elements oxygen, water vapour, and carbon dioxide.
    4) Following the plasma cluster, the air passes through a 3-stage physical filtration. There is no filtration by-product. This makes the AFG100 the safest and most reliable filtration method compared with ion cleaning technology and photo catalyst technology. These release by-products such as ozone (known to have negative effects on the human body) into the room.

    2. Customisation
    The customer can customise the LED light of the air purifier depending on his or her mood.
    Discreet or colourful – customers can decide on the colour and the intensity of the colour. Make a grey day more colourful with the AFG 100

    3. Diversification operation
    1) While operating in automatic mode, the AFG 100 regulates itself automatically to adapt to current air conditions, providing the best possible air at all times.
    2) The 99-hour timer ensures that customers can set the purifier to come on at a certain time making it very energy efficient

    4. Worry-free maintenance
    The AFG 100 requires no further technical support once plugged in. Users can change the filter themselves.