Alberts Smoothies, Alberts

Alberts Smoothies are made on the spot with pure IQF ingredients. This means that the fruit & veggies we use are picked at peak ripeness and frozen within four hours for optimal nutrient retention. We do not use any preservatives or pasteurization processes. Our smoothies are 100% natural and for immediate consumption and can be personalized using our mobile app to fit individual taste preferences and dietary needs.

The majority of people is aware of the importance of healthy eating, but is not acting on it. Personalized interventions and coaching indicate a greater impact on lasting consumer behaviour changes. Alberts aims at a long-lasting adoption of a healthier diet that surpasses smoothies and our newest product: soups.

  1. Healthy lifestyle by eating more fruit & vegetables

36% of Europeans do not eat fruit & vegetables on a daily basis and only 14.1% eat the recommended 5 portions/day. Europeans do want to eat healthier; 70% says to make an effort to buy food with reduced amounts of sugar, salt and fat. With an automated and personal approach, we aim to increase fruit and vegetable consumption towards a healthy diet.

  1. Healthy food & food service providers at work

FoodTech solutions driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) have matured:

– Smart & connected food services track healthy meal consumption

– Innovative Vending 2.0 devices sell personalized snacks 24/7 produced on the spot.

We will link (offline) healthy food solutions with an (online) platform to increase effectiveness of the interventions and make them measurable. This increased transparency contributes to increasing consumer trust and connects consumers and food-providers.

Moreover, Alberts is all about being sustainable and healthy for both People & Planet.

On the sustainability side we are indeed a zero-waste solution. Not only are the ugly fruits and veggies taken in our Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF) food products, but, since they are frozen, we ensure not a single gram is wasted.

Furthermore, our clean-in-place system uses a minimal amount of water (100ml) per smoothie or soup, and our cups are made from bagasse (a waste stream from sugar cane production) and our edible straws are made of apple fiber (a waste stream from the apple juice production, which gives our straws their edible character).

Last but not least, statistics show that the global market for smoothies is growing steadily. According to Euromonitor Juice/Smoothie bars global report from 2014, the global value of smoothie consumption has grown by 95% to approx. €7 billion annually in the last decade. According to the Global Industry Analysts in their January 2018 report, demand for healthy, natural and convenient food continues to spur growth in the global smoothie market, prospecting to reach 17 billion USD by 2024.

Our own study revealed that about 2% of people in the EU consumes smoothies on average 3 times/week, resulting in 1,600 million smoothies/year in Europe. If only a quarter of these are consumed away from home, this brings OOH smoothies total available market in the EU to approx. 400 million smoothies yearly (Coca Cola sells 25 billion bottles of Coke per year). The average European spends €200 yearly at chilled vending machines.

In the next 5 years, we plan to provide over 50,000,000 healthy snacks yearly with the Alberts robotics stations. With the AI Alberts engines, we will support the 70,000,000 people that Sodexo feeds daily, towards a healthy meal/snack/habit.