Alberts Smoothie & Soup Stations

The Alberts Smoothie & Soup Stations are a 1m2 (10^ft) smoothie or soup bar that serve healthy, personalized smoothies and soups using frozen ingredients (= zero food waste). Our solution is hassle-free as it requires only 1h of maintenance per week. Food Robotics is truly a game changer for food service, vending and snacking.

We’re Food Robotics pioneers and drive forward a strong D2C brand by providing healthy soups and smoothies to people through an automated vending solution. Apart from this Robotics branch in our company, we’re developing AI engines to support the personalized food approach of our partner Sodexo (top 3 food service provider). Much like Netflix and Facebook lure you towards their solutions by approaching you with personalized and contextualized communication, we’ll do the same to guide you towards healthy solutions in a connected food system.

Alberts’ main Societal Development Goal to tackle is SDG3 “Good health and wellbeing – ensuring healthy life and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages”. More specifically (3.4): “By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.” In detail (3.4.1): “Mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease.”

One of the world’s biggest challenges today is diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits. 

Only 27% is drinking enough water, only 9% eats enough fruit and only 3% eats enough vegetables per day. The result? 50% is overweight and 20% is obese. We urgently need fresh food 24/7 in a tasty and sexy way that is served in a safe, contactless manner. Why? Obesity and being overweight leads to lethal health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Pandemics, like Covid 19, should not prevent anyone from getting their healthy snack every day.

Alberts makes this happen by selling fresh and healthy personalized smoothies made of pure fruit and vegetables through an automated smoothie bar on 1m2 (10^ft).

Healthy food/snacks are not as easily available to everyone. The solution we offer gets as much of the nutritional benefits of eating fruit and vegetables inside each individual with minimum hassle, most efficiency and safety, and at the exact time you need it most thanks to our recommender system.

The Food Robotics Market space has gained exponential interest during the Covid pandemic for its contactless and often swiftly scalable solutions.

The Alberts app enables consumers to create & share recipes or get recommendations personalized for their own nutritional requirements linked to data from wearables and agendas to account for their daily activities. The Albert Engines will be used to nudge people towards a healthier lifestyle at work.

We are convinced that – at this moment – no one is offering the same complete experience, providing a healthy affordable snack, meeting the daily required fruit & vegetable consumption, availability at any place at any time, linked to a community sharing experience while being personalised based on each consumer’s own nutritional requirements according to their individual daily activities.