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Company: Abbeychart

Vending machine hygiene is not only crucial for the wellbeing of the users, the products and the machine itself, but it is also covered by Food Hygiene Regulations, which form the basis of the Guide to Good Hygiene Practice in the Vending Industry.
Abbeychart is the supplier of the Bioguard range of vending and coffee machine cleaning and hygiene and infection control products. Bioguard is a full range of British made cleaning products, specifically developed for machine hygiene and maintenance, in the form of eco-friendly packaged powders with dosing spoons, tablets and liquids in dosing bottles. Continuing Abbeychart’s commitment to sustainability, reduced-plastic packaging is a feature of many of the powdered products, while bottles include integral dosing units.

Bioguard products are backed by ongoing R & D to ensure that they consistently exceed required standards. They are so highly rated that Bioguard products have been supplied in West Africa to assist in controlling and minimising the risk from Ebola outbreaks. Bioguard is also shown to be effective against high risk and difficult to kill viruses such as Hepatitis C, HIV etc. and is therefore used extensively in the Health sector. As a major provider of parts and consumables to the vending industry, Abbeychart have selected Bioguard as part of our commitment to supporting vending operators with products of the highest standard.

In the beverage vending sector users can experience numerous problems with hygiene and cleaning products including:

  • Over time, damage to machines because of the corrosive nature of the chemicals.
  • Products that do not provide effective cleaning, leaving product residues in the machines that could result in machine blockages and down time.
  • Products that do not provide effective cleaning and disinfection increasing hygiene risk to end users.Products that are hazardous in use presenting risk to end users, who may require specific training in handling such hazardous chemicals.

Abbeychart are able to address these issues by providing vending customers with dedicated cleaning products that are:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Eco friendly and non-hazardous
  • User friendly and safe to use
  • Superior cleaning and disinfection capabilities
  • Can be used on virtually any surface
  • Independently tested by leading testing authorities
    The importance of a strategic hygiene regime extends far further than the requirement to simply clean vending machines. As well helping with the maintenance of essential hygiene standards, Abbeychart provides operators with product technical support and advice, helping them to look after their machines and their customers.