Abbeychart – Abbeychart Installation and Kitting Service


Category: Supplier Recognition Award

Name of Nominees: Abbeychart Installation and Kitting Service

Company Name: Abbeychart

Nominated by: Mark Winter

Company Name: Abbeychart


Abbeychart, the liquid dispense specialist has extended its bespoke ‘kitting’ solutions range to offer service engineers and OEMs essential parts for a wider range of popular equipment from some of the sectors best known coffee machine manufacturers, such as La Marzocco and La Spaziale.

With 1,000’s of kits already sold in 2018, a ‘ready to go’ kitting solution is a popular choice with engineers looking to save time and money during machine installs or service call outs.

The installation kit contains all the external components required to connect the coffee machine to the mains water supply whilst meeting the requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regs. Typically the kit will include a double check valve, water blocks, pressure reducing valve and shut off tap and for convenience, the components are supplied ready assembled which saves the engineer approx. an hour labour time on site.

Kits are also available for preventative service and maintenance calls when the components are heat sealed in separate sections in order of use within the pack which ensures the parts are readily to hand when needed.

Abbeychart have developed a unique way of packing the components which means that there’s no hunting round the pack or running to the van, everything is to hand which saves time on site. If it’s in the bag it’s meant to be used and so it acts as a bit of a checklist too which is handy for inexperienced engineers.

As the name suggests, these really are bespoke kits and Abbeychart have the technical know-how to tailor components as required, for example adjusting pressure reducing valves for customers in area with a higher water pressure, or sourcing non-standard parts for customers with specific requirements. Adding new equipment manufacturers to our range, brings our expertise to a much wider audience which is a positive move for both Abbeychart and its customers.

Abbeychart kits are particularly popular with customers who appreciate dealing with one supplier for all their component parts. Plus, a further benefit is that using a single part number, the kit will be on site or at the customer’s address within 24 hours via Abbeychart’s standard next day delivery service. A call off service for managing multiple delivery dates over a period of time is also available for customers with recurring orders.