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Category: Best Customer Service Award

Nominee: Sales Support Team

Company Name: 4 Aces Ltd

Company: 4 Aces Ltd



A team that likes to make friends of the customers

We’re really proud of our ability to build good relationships; it’s at the heart of everything that we do. We wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for our customers so the team rule is customer first – this time, next time and every time!

Having recently received accreditation from BRC Global Standards in recognition of the company’s best practice in the handling, storage and distribution of our cups and water products, we are keen to maintain a high standard across the board and the staff are provided with regular training sessions and team meetings to make sure we are all offering the same high level of service.

As a result, our customer service now ranks at the greatest level. It is also set apart by our award-winning, highly-regarded direct parcel delivery service, which offers a prompt, personal service, regardless of the size of the company or the size of the order, allowing customers to get access to our complete range of products without the need to hold any of it.

In the last 12 months, the team has worked particularly hard to establish itself as a one-stop shop to the water cooler market. Our current catalogue includes spill mats, bottle racks, cup dispensers, and pumps, alongside the cups, cones, bottles and caps that make up the majority of our sales in this market.

We’ve established a reputation for listening to what our customers want and sourcing those products accordingly. We work to design cups that are specific to our customers so that they have either branded products or cups that have been uniquely created for them.

Whilst we have a comprehensive range of goods available, the team is always quick to identify the need for new products that will present our customers in the water cooler industry with a greater choice and the opportunity to shop from a single source.

Part of the team’s strategy and focus is to grow existing business and to make sure that all clients are aware of the full range we are able to offer, including products specific to their needs. Our range is open to all operators, regardless of the size of the order.

Keeping our customers informed is a key part of the customer service remit along with listening to what they want. The average water cooler customer expects a more varied choice now – different grades of cup, different sizes and a greater range of supplementary products to choose from. It’s a growing market and the team works very hard to make sure that all potential customers know that we have the range of products to present a single source solution, providing the most cost-effective and reliable choice.