4 Aces Ltd – Reducing Environmental Impact – Water Sector


Category: Innovation Recognition Award

Name of Nominees: Reducing Environmental Impact – Water Sector

Company Name: 4 Aces Ltd

Nominated by: Katie Allen

Company Name: 4 Aces Ltd


The cups that are used alongside water coolers and dispensers don’t get paid that much attention to by the end user as they tend to be in their hands for just a matter of seconds while they stand and take a quick drink. Times are changing, however, and we are now entering into a period where anything that is so easily disposed of must be justified.

Consumers are far more savvy and informed about issues related to the environment and we all want to do our bit – including the water industry. In a bid to make that happen, we launched our PLANET range, earlier this year, including a 7oz size cup that is ideal for the water industry.

This biodegradable PLA cup provides the perfect green alternative for water cooler users and helps businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

Like the rest of the range, the 7oz cup carries the internationally recognised seedling logo and complies to EU certification for compostable packaging, which means that it will disintegrate in the correct industrial facilities for disposal within 12 weeks.

Sales have steadily increased in the three months since the PLANET collection was launched and the 7oz cup is now one of our best-selling water products, often selling out before it hits the shelves. There is a certainly a great demand for this specific product and we’re delighted to be able to meet it!

For further information on 4 Aces and the PLANET range, visit the website at www.4acesltd.com or call 01992 535774.