Water Categories

EDWCA Customer Service Award

This category is for any team or individual in the water industry currently doing business in the UK.
The Customer Service Award is aimed specifically at ‘frontline’ staff – those people that deal with customers on site or on the telephone. It is aimed at those who pull together to problem-solve and give the customer the best possible experience of their company’s services.

This award recognises inspirational team of employees or individuals who help to shape and contribute to the success of your business. Nominations may be received for an individual or team within your business that can demonstrate outstanding commitment, drive and enthusiasm that in turn has contributed to improved business performance and reputation over the last 12 months.

Judges will consider:

  • Evidence of commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Contribution made to the company in the last 12 month
  •  ‘Value added’ the attributes and skills that the person or team has brought to your business
  • Examples of ‘going above and beyond’ the job description duties e.g. Has increased productivity, raised the company profile, overcome adversity, exceeded expectations, are a positive role model, an excellent ambassador.

The criteria used are as follows:-

    1. Quality of work
    2. Attendance
    3. Attitude
    4. Appearance
    5. Cooperation
    6. Responsibility
    7. Reliability
    8. Achievement
    9. Discipline
    10. Other -significant factors.

For each criterion a point of 10 is given. Therefore the total is 100 points.

The factors for each criterion are than given. For example Quality of work – 9~10 points means the work of the employee is constantly accurate, neat, and very thorough. Takes great care and effort to achieve excellent quality. For example for Attitude – 3~4 means- Fairly a good attitude and if it is 7~8 – employee set significant and positive attitudes towards company superior/colleague.

Nomination should come from employees superior. The superior should than select say for example 20% of his/her department employees to be nominated for the award.

Outstanding Contribution Award – Individual (sponsored by the EDWCA)

This award is presented to an individual who has offered an outstanding contribution in our industry.

Supplier Recognition Award

This category is for any supplier to the water and beverage industry currently doing business in the UK and specifically dealing with EDWCA members on site or on the telephone. It is aimed at those teams who pull together to problem-solve and give the customer the best possible experience of their company’s services.

Judging Criteria:

Supplier recognition- The top four suppliers are identified by asking our members to rate all EDWCA Supplier members in the following areas:

  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Quality of Products
  • Criticality of Product to Business
  • Continuous Improvement Activities to Improve Products or Services

Nominations can only be made by suppliers’ end-users


Innovation Recognition Award

Awarded to a new product or service that has delivered measurable benefit for customersand the industry.
This is open to suppliers and manufacturers in the mains-fed, bottled water and bag-in-box cooler industry who have launched an innovative product, product range or initiative in the past 12 months that has had a significant impact on business, customers and industry

  • Innovation: has the product introduced new or leading-edge technologies, created different ways of working, or novel approaches that benefit its users?
  • Measurable success: can the team demonstrate significant commercial success for the product during the past 12 months?
  • Customer satisfaction: is there evidence of customers using the product successfully to improve their operations and that they would recommend the product to others?

Entrants should provide a maximum 500-word explanation for how they meet each of these four criteria, plus a maximum 250-word summary of why they believe their product or service should win this award.

Additional Information for all categories:

Written entries must be no more than 1,000 words and try to think about the judges when writing them. Use plenty of spacing, bullet points and paragraphs to construct your entry to make them easier on the eye. PDF or video entries are actively encouraged and remember to inject personality into your entry.